Our School

Welcome to Barrington Elementary School! 

BES is an elementary school situated in Southeastern New Hampshire with a population of about 400 students in grades 1-4.  BES has a dynamic, dedicated, professional staff of 45 and a qualified, equally dedicated support staff of 35.  In addition to the classroom teaching staff, these numbers include five Special Education case managers, two school counselors, one reading specialist, one full time nurse, REACH teacher, a school psychologist, a speech therapist, occupational therapist, principal and an assistant principal.  In addition, BES often hosts teacher interns from a variety of universities and colleges across the state.  Our class sizes range from mid-teens to low twenties.  BES has an incredibly committed support staff of para-educators, assistants, administrative assistants and custodial staff; all willing to do whatever they can to meet the needs of our students. 

BES operates each day on a master schedule, providing large blocks of time for academic instruction, as well as physical, artistic, social, personal growth and development, in both small group and large group settings.  Each student has time allotted daily for Math, Reading, Writing, and Science and/or Social Studies. Our Title I reading program offers supplemental reading instruction for qualifying students. Our REACH (Recognizing Excellent Abilities in Children) teacher also offers small group instruction to qualifying students in the areas of math, reading, and writing primarily to grades 3 and 4. Additionally, Art, Music, Physical Education, Library Science, Technology, and Guidance are weekly experiences for BES students.  Fourth grade students are invited to participate in instrumental music instruction and chorus as well.  Evening concerts for band and chorus are held in December and June of each year.  The June concert also includes a fourth grade Art Show.